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Welcome at Ekaakshar Family

Planning an event that perfectly balances organisational excellence and the entertainment quotient is a serious business, one that has been elevated to a fine art at Ekaakshar Entertainment. We got started in 2009, and has since earned a reputation for managing and organising a diverse range of events, each distinctive and unique, but with one common factor – flawless organisation and impeccable execution. Ekaakshar Entertainment has, since its inception, matured into a trusted, reliable brand that provides feasible solutions to events spanning the spectrum, from corporate dos to wedding celebrations and theme-driven parties. All requirements, right from the decor, activities, invites, takeaways and any other collateral depending on the occasion and the client, are handled by the company. 

Vision –

    1)   To evolve into a one-stop-shop offering 360-degree event solutions for all occasions.

     2) To gift a memorable event.

Mission – 

     1) To create event that delivers happiness.


We are a team of dedicated professionals, ready to do what ever it takes to make your happiness grow

Suchitra Pattanayak

Managing Head & Creative Head